Hey, I’m Phil and I love my generation. But before we get into that let me tell you about my life. For the past 5 years, my drop dead gorgeous wife Maria and I have lived in the DMV (or metro DC to you outsiders).

I’ve always had a passion for the ministry but it’s taken me quite some time to really hone in on it. When I was 7 years old, I, along with my mom, dad and younger brother left all we knew in the US and became missionaries in the Czech Republic. For the next 10 years, I spent the entirety of my childhood and teenage life serving God alongside my family in Prague.

When I was 17 I had two encounters that changed my life. The first was with an insanely hot angel from heaven that went by the name of Maria. The second encounter was with almighty God. That “God-encounter” gave me a passion for “the lost” and I decided to dedicate my life to serving Him.

After graduating from high school, my super beautiful girlfriend and I headed out to pursue our degrees. She went to art school in London, England and I went to bible college in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. After graduating with a degree in Pastoral Ministry and her in Art History, we made it legal and I married the prettiest woman I had ever laid eyes on.

Now, 7 years later it has been a journey that has taken us to two very successful youth ministries in New Jersey and Maryland and one exciting trip into persecution ministry. With each experience, my passion for my generation grew stronger and stronger. I knew that I was called into the ministry, but I also knew that it was unlike most callings. Then, I had the ultimate Millennial experience and lost my job. While at first I saw it as a curse, I now see it as a time where God refined his will in my life and showed me the genre of ministry I needed to pursue.

Now I have the opportunity of meeting with pastors all over the US and sharing my insights into the life of Millennials. Together, we discuss their thoughts and past experiences with Millennial ministry and I walk them through tangible plans to help them reach my generation. Millennials are the future of a successful church but unfortunately, as statistics have shown us, Millennials are leaving the church in droves. It is my passion to see the statistics reversed and start a revival of beard growing, hippy dressing, unemployed Millennials that shakes the foundations of church as we know it. I believe with all my heart that together we can #WinMillennials4Christ!